Friday, 15 June 2012

Nudity in Kenya show biz
here in Kenya we have had our share of celebs whose nude photos have been circulated in the internet. Some knowingly while others it may be just because of bad luck. The social media has helped leak further the these photos.
The leaking of nude photos have had mixed consequences, it has helped boost some of our own stars into the lime light. Most notably singer kaz. The photo are now four years old. She posted the photos herself and most people reasoned that she was sharing a piece of celebrity fame with the world.
Here are some of the photos of nude kaz;

the other singer how has found themselves in an awkward situation after nude photos of them leaked in the internet is Avril. This was however much worse as the pictures portrayed what is commonly known as a girl to girl act. The singer has never commented about the photos since their release. But the issue did fizzle away as the girl she was pictured with was identified soon after. Reliable sources alleged she was a graduate of fashion and design from a local university where avril was also a student. The photo were claimed to be an artsy photo shoot.
Here are some of the photos;